Anping Wire And wire cloth Factory

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     Anping Wire And wire cloth Factory is a manufacturer which focuses on wire cloth products research,producing,exporting. The main products include stainless steel wire cloth, steel wire cloth, copper wire cloth,nickel wire cloth, woven wire cloth,filter wire cloth, stainless steel wire, copper wire, nickel wire,  and other related products.
Our talented team of experienced wire cloth technicians and engineers employ the latest technologies to produce quality wire cloth and its processed articles.
  wire cloth
  Our products are as following: stainless steel wire cloth, steel wire cloth,copper wire cloth,nickel wire cloth,filter wire cloth,iron wire cloth, wire cloth artworks and deeply-processed products.


    welded wire cloth machine


We are here to provide the best service possible and to produce wire cloth under strict management system and quality control. Anping Wire and wire cloth Factory is the preferred choice provider of wire and wire cloth products for their customers worldwide.


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Catalog for Wire and wire cloth Products

1. wire cloth Products.

stainless steel wire cloth stainless steel wire cloth Razor Barb Wire
barbed wire copper wire cloth mine screening mesh
wire cloth dutch weave welded wire cloth plastic flat netting
wire cloth for animal husbandry expanded metal mesh barbecue grill netting
wire cloth for paper-making crimped wire cloth welded mesh panels
wire cloth square opening nickel wire cloth window screen netting
wire cloth for microphone PVC coated wire cloth hexagonal wire netting
industrial filtration wire cloth conveyor belt mesh polyester wire cloth
industrial filtration paper chain link fencing medicine screen mesh
auto filtration belt mesh diamond wire cloth black wire cloth
wire cloth for construction safety punched opening mesh vibration sieving mesh
wire cloth for asbestos tiles wire cloth against theft sunshade wire cloth
gas and liquid filtration wire cloth steel wire cloth screen printing mesh
wire cloth for air conditioners rope mesh sintered fiber web
wire cloth for battery nylon mesh Polyester monofilament fabric
High Precision Sheet Metal Filter    

2. wire cloth Processed Products.

wire cloth filling metal soft pipe de-foaming filter mesh
sifting screen wire cloth for cleaning foot stamping mesh
filters and filtration fittings wire cloth baskets and containers


3. Wire and Wire Processed Products.
  stainless steel wire stainless steel yarn brass wire steel wire
aluminum alloy wire nickel wire galvanized iron wire special wire
  iron-chrome-aluminum alloy wire tie wire steel wire for soft pipe wire processed articles

4.wire cloth Machines

C-X76 Barbed Wire Machine NW Series Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine
Diamond Net Machine JQ Series Plate Net Machine
X04 Wire Screen Loom Window Gauze Weaving Machine
Electric Welding Net Machine PE Plastic Hard Flat Net Machine
Expanded Metal Machine Tinsel Gauze Weaving Machine
YNW Series Hydraulic Heavy Type Hexagonal Netting Machine  


Anping Wire And wire cloth Factory
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